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Kelly  Gallo
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Reading At Home!  

Dear Parents,

Here are some questions to ask your child during and after reading:

"What do you think will happen next?"

"What do you notice about....?"

"What do you think the author is trying to say to us?"

"Does______seem realistic based on what you know about______?"

"How do you think______is feeling right now?"

"Did you like this book?" Why or why not."

"What was your favorite part and why?"

"What was your least favorite part and why?"

Enjoy spending time with your child. 

Happy Reading!


*****Please review your child's sight words every night!*****

Welcome to Kindergarten Room 3  

                                        Welcome              to Kindergarten!


                        Room 3



                                                 Mrs. Gallo

               860-354-5430 ext. 103



Kindergarten Sight Words!  


 I    see   it   we  up   and   look  

the  is   like   in    am  go   he

to   can  no   me    you   my  a went

of   for  was  put   here  said  come