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When I Play with Puzzles I am Learning:


-about the relationships of parts to the whole.. a basic math concept

-eye-hand coordination 

-concepts of shape, size, color and location

-vocabulary related to the subject of the puzzle

-about negative and positive space, seeing something against its background (math and reading concepts)

-self-confidence as I learn more and more difficult puzzles

-independence as I use the puzzle without help 

-sorting, as I group “sets” of puzzle pieces belonging to different puzzles. 

Painting at the Easel  

When I paint at the easel I am learning:


-to develop my imagination and creativity 

-eye-hand coordination, helpful for learning to write

-the names of colors and how to make new colors

-to distinguish shapes, and purposely create shapes

-to notice patterns from background, necessary for learning to read 

-to express my feelings and ideas

-that my ideas have value

-relationships of space and size, necessary for mathematics

-concepts of symmetry, balance and design 



When I Fingerpaint I am Learning:


-to exercise my imagination and creativity 

-about how colors mix to form new colors

-concepts of shape, size and location 

-eye-hand coordination 

-an acceptable way to make a mess, and have fun sharing ideas with others who are near




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